….because we didn’t want it to be BORING for you.

When it’s 11 o’clock at night, you’ve worked all day…. and you’re STILL at it, what would you rather look at?

We don’t see our building sites as lines and columns… our eyes see them as moving Pictures.
We don’t see Bobcats, Slabs, Roofs and Walls as blue and grey “line entries”…we see them in Colour.
When you’ve got sore eyes from being on site all day… the last thing you need is tiny font on tiny buttons.
One of the main reasons builders generally don’t like quoting is because it’s about “one rung above watching paint dry on the boring meter”. If we don’t like something, we keep putting it off and so our quotes are often late…..GTX makes quoting interesting as well as  fast, accurate and easy.